Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your data secure and get back to normal operations after any disaster

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If you lose access to your company’s data, how long will your business survive?

With all vital business information now being stored electronically, the inability to access your data is a catastrophic, potentially fatal disaster for your organization. A fire or ransomware attack could destroy your financial records, client data, communications, and more, bringing your operations to a screeching halt and frustrating your customers. Backup and disaster recovery solutions from POC are an affordable and effective way to avoid these devastating outcomes.
Partner with POC to protect your critical data, and our technicians will implement robust, unobtrusive data backup solutions that will keep up-to-date snapshots of your data and systems stored safely off site. Combined with our disaster recovery planning services, these backups will restore your IT infrastructure to exactly the way it was after you’ve been hit by a catastrophic data loss. So instead of spending days or weeks picking up the pieces, you’ll be back to working with confidence knowing nothing can slow your business down for long.

With POC’s Backup & Disaster Recovery services, you can enjoy:

Fast, reliable data solutions that continuously update your backups quietly in the background so you always have access to current data

Secure off-site storage that is regularly tested for integrity and protected against all manner of cyberattack

Implementation, management, and maintenance done for you by certified data backup experts

Meticulous recovery planning that shows you what each employee needs to do to get your business back to full operations fast after a disaster

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