Education & Community IT

End-to-end IT solutions that cover all aspects of your IT, from office management to student e-learning

Technology plays a greater role in the classroom than ever before, so it is vital for your educational institution to invest in IT solutions that improve the learning experiences and outcomes of your students. But with so many tools on the market, trying to revamp your IT without guidance can lead to incompatible or ineffective hardware, unsecure software platforms, and other issues that hamper learning experiences and increase risk.
Partner with POC, and we’ll help you procure hardware and software that best suit your organization’s needs and budget. We’ll also set up, manage, and monitor these tools for you to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. Our team also has the expertise to cater to specialized needs, like secure, wide-coverage Wi-Fi or cloud-connected learning tools. With POC as your educational IT services provider, you can focus on helping your students succeed with technology instead of wasting time trying to manage it yourself.

POC’s IT solutions for the education sector provide your institution with:

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