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Feature-packed business phone systems that help your business compete in high-paced New York markets

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Your old phone system doesn’t cut it in the modern economy, but POC’s VoIP solutions can keep you on top

SMBs in New York need flexible and capable communications for more effective customer engagement and dynamic collaboration if they hope to compete in their demanding marketplace. If you operate such an SMB and are still utilizing an older style business phone system, POC can help you upgrade to a VoIP solution that cuts costs and comes with modern features to increase your capabilities.

Our experienced VoIP team will assist with determining the ideal setup for your needs and budget, then install and maintain everything for you. In no time, you’ll have access to features such as call forwarding to mobile, voicemail to email transcription, integrated CRM and call center solutions, and many more to improve customer experiences and employee collaboration. With POC’s VoIP solutions, you’ll enjoy a more dynamic workforce and stronger customer relations, all without significant time or money investments.

Why is POC Technology, Inc. the VoIP Solutions provider of choice for New York businesses?

POC Technology, Inc. specializes in providing cutting-edge managed IT services to small, mid-level, and enterprise businesses. Through the years, we have helped our clients achieve greater business success through the effective application of customized and targeted IT solutions. Our highly experienced team of IT specialists has a deep knowledge of IT systems and infrastructure, making us the perfect IT partner for your New York business.
We provide a host of IT services that focus on the management of your IT infrastructure while reducing expenses and increasing productivity. With POC managing your business IT, we’ll work closely with you in optimizing your technology, making it a competitive advantage so you can always stay ahead of the curve.
Maintenance and management services that keep your VoIP system optimized at all times
The best prices on the market, thanks to our strong partnerships with the nation’s leading vendors
Solutions that are compatible with any device your company uses — take calls from anywhere with any device
Knowledgeable consultants who will help you determine the ideal VoIP setup for your needs and goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Managed IT services?
Managed IT services include the maintenance, management, and support of your company’s technology needs with the purpose of improving productivity and reducing overall costs. The service bundles usually cover network monitoring, cybersecurity, software updates, IT support, and other customized IT services according to your requirements.
Should small businesses be outsourcing their IT support?
Contrary to the traditional belief that the practice is only for large enterprises, today’s small companies enjoy many benefits from outsourcing their IT support. By paying a low monthly fee, SMBs get access to a full team of technology specialists who work around the clock to keep their technology optimized and secure.
Can you recommend hardware and software products for me?
Yes, we can! This is part of our role as your Managed IT Services provider and our goal is to get you the best technology at the best price possible, so we’ll negotiate with vendors on your behalf.
What if I already have internal IT staff?
No problem! Many of our clients have their own internal IT support person or department to handle their day-to-day IT needs. But we can become an extension of your business, providing as much IT consulting and support as you need.

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